Sorting instructions in the SYBERT’s territory

The right waste disposal practices: what must be put in the yellow household trash

In the SYBERT’s territory, the rule that matters is: all wrappings must go to the recycling bin. This includes plastic films and bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard packaging, plastic bags, food packaging…

Contrary to popular thinking, yoghurt cups and pizza boxes must be sorted, even if the cardboard is soiled!

Tips to make waste disposal optimal:

And of course, do not just put anything in the recycling bin to keep waste handlers safe!

Recycling rejects: what must not go to the recycling bin

Products Solutions
Waste electrical and electronic appliances
  • Donate them to an association
  • Take them to the appropriate recycling facilities at each of the SYBERT’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)
  • Think about the ‘one for one‘ rule! When you buy a new appliance, shops are obliged to take in your old appliance.
Bulky and dangerous objects (rubble, scrap metal, used oil, old bikes, paint)
Organic waste
  • Dispose of them in the appropriate receptacles found in supermarkets
  • Return them to battery sellers
  • Take them to the HWRC
Old medicines, medical waste (used syringes, medical pouches…)
Nappies and diapers
Plastic objects (other than mentioned above)
  • Put them in the grey bin
  • Take them to the HWRC
Tea or coffee capsule like Nespresso’s
Gas bottle
  • Take them back to the supplier

I have a doubt, what can I do?

You may use the application (in French), which takes sorting centres’ differences into account, or consult the Grand Besançon Agglomération’s Dico du tri (also in French).

If doubt remain, please contact the SYBERT’s team to ask your questions:

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